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This is where you gotta chance it...

Welcome to my special little corner of the internet. Shamelessly promoted content can be found throughout... On my Blog you will find many outrageous resources and links. I surf the Web hunting for the off-the-wall and na'er-do-well types of wonderous web juicyness. You might learn something. There is even something Spiritual awaiting you.

Feel free to explore. Discovery is good for the soul. Visit often, as I get crazy and change things around all the time...just for fun. Who knows? You might even be inspired to try your own web site.

I dabble in web pages and nanyana is my attempt at being a web designer. I use many examples that I find on the internet of interesting layouts, code, scripts and just plain confusing webmaster stuff.

Look around. There are many things to click... special effects included. This web page of mine was a BLAST to put together. Enjoy.

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You want more?

Most of my story is told in what I call " Shipwreck." Spent most of my youth persuing a career in the Army and satisfying my wonderlust.

I love adventure. It might be Science Fiction and Fantasy, what I like to call "Indiana Jones In Space," or it might be buried in history. Time travel paradoxes and puzzling out conundrums (questions...) are a great diversion. Seeking answers has always been number one for me.

Enjoy. Contact me. Visit me at Facebook. I would be glad to share my walk with you. Make good choices because they are forever.

Oh. Read more books, watch more movies and smooch the babies until they are chapped.



My Kids

Visit my orphans. These kids are my main goal in life in my old age. I love them way
too much, some say. But, I go to visit them every year for four months.

Your support would be greatly appreciated and the kids would be able to improve themselves in one of the poorest countries in the world.

100% of any donation you make goes straight to these orphans. Food, school supplies, English classes, and many other needs could be met by your help.

Thank you!


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