Little angels steal your soul.

Graduates - on to better school and jobs

My twins are super happy now

New uniforms, books and school!

Happy time paa paa Ed come to visit...

Always happy to see a visitor

My Orphans ... My Journey ... My Mission

These are some of my 40+ orphans. I have adopted them in my heart and made them mine.

I am the adventurous type and travel every year to Cambodia to see them. I help them as much as I can with money, supplies, food, medicine and anything else my limited funds will give them.

They are my service to PraJesu (Jesus) and have completely taken over my life's purpose. I take care of them when no one else can.

My favorites are many, but here, the twins are front and center. Four year old Leta on the right is anticipating cake with folded hands.

ASPECA Kampot orphanage is closing. The kids are scattering. Some are going to the orphanage in Phnom Penh. Some are going to worse circumstances with a poor distant family member if the child has one. I will support them as long as I can find them... and then find more kids in need!

My Daughters Graduate

Rainy Season Flood Supplies

When you look at them you see your soul.

My Journey

I could not make this journey without all of the people helping me. Donors give money, church tithes and tons of other help make saving these orphans happen. I love doing this. Serving these kids is the most important thing in the world. All my helper "big sisters" SreyMom and SreyPov (graduated), Linda (soon to graduate), Kea, Kanya and all the others treat me like a DAD, translate for me, explain what is going on, go buy supplies, help nanny and a host of other things. I make sure they know how much I care for them ("I love you" culturally doesn't translate well). They know it. They feel it. And I am proud to be their DAD. (as best as I am able)