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Words Of Radiance

I don’t buy many hardcover books… but this one is pre-ordered… $25 bucks of pure escapism … I am on my way to the mailbox. Brandon Sanderson’s new Way of Kings novel.

As with any Brandon Sanderson book, there‚Äôs just too much content to try to distill such a complex tapestry into one image, alas. Having such a rich world of possibilities is overwhelming: a well delineated but diverse cast of characters, strange yet compellingly natural flora and fauna, multiple story threads weaving from page to page…how does one choose what to present? It seems as if any choice will be wrong, for having to leave something else out that calls to be presented to a potential reader. Nonetheless, a choice must be made.

Make sure you check out the !school notebook paper! sketches of the artist Michael Whelan’s process.

Unfortunately, I wasted some time drawing out some concepts that were based on a mistaken notion of who was where in the picture I was thinking of painting, and so I had to scrap those approaches. Nevertheless, it helped get me into the right mindset for taking things further.

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  1. ed says:

    I saw November 4, 2013 and March 14, 2014… don’t know which is the real one…

    Gots to get my hands on a pre-read copy!! (for expert opinion and review, of course)

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