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I get tons of my ideas from Smashing Magazine. I just love that place. I picked up this idea about desks. Just your workspace and what it looks like. And along the way I espied the Retronaut buried in a blog list. What cool ideas.

A Desk is where we work. Symbolic. Physical. Present. A second and third home. A Desk is a platform. A hearth. Roots are planted. It’s a place, a sanctuary, where hours upon hours pass. How do you work? How many hours? Locale? Lighting? Room with a view? At home? Clean and tidy? Sitting? Standing? Coffee cups? Is that tea? Minimalist? Scattered? Creatively sprawled? In a rush? Each of these links deserve a post by itself. thanks to: from your

Bowl Of Heaven - Niven and Benford
Midworld - Alan Dean Foster

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