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Park Me Please
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Texaco Park me circa 1955. Seriously, this is an outstanding idea. Amazing. Wonder how they park the cars on that parking structure? They appear to be driven in where it says “Entrance” and then elevated to the proper floor and either pulled forward or backed into the slot that they want to park the car in.

Pigeon Hole Parking came to Portland with the wave of parking-lot mania that swept the city in the 1950s. This one, at SW Stark and Park, lasted until the mid-60s. Like many of these parking systems, it was plagued by bad electrics that would strand cars until repairs could be made.

More about texaco garages. I think this is my first ever post with black and white!

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  1. ed says:

    I want two or three of those 1950’s beauties to take home please…

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