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50 things everyone should know how to do Build a Fire– Fire produces heat and light, two basic necessities for living. At some point in your life this knowledge may be vital. How to Build a Fire Wilderness Survival Firecraft Build a Fire Without Matches or a Lighter (vid) Operate a Computer– Fundamental computer knowledge […]

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Seized by the Power of a Great Affection Passion for truth is the dream of Heaven Passion is the soul’s energy Passion drives the mind and heart Passion is eternal and every day Passion maintains hope Passion feeds imagination copyright by respective owner.

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Those who fight monsters inevitably change. Because of all that they see and do, they lose their innocence, and a piece of their humanity with it. If they want to survive, they begin to adopt some of the same characteristics as the monsters they fight. It is necessary. They become capable of rage, and extreme […]

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The Sacred Romance calls to us through our heart every moment of our lives. It whispers to us on the wind, invites us through the laughter of good friends, reaches out to us through the touch of someone we love. We’ve heard it in our favorite music, sensed it at the birth of our first […]

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“Courage is fear that has said its prayers.” ~ Dorothy Bernard Unyielding boldness and daring; firmness in doing something that exposes one to difficulty, danger, or calumnity; intrepidness. copyright by respective owner. activity, animation, application, ardor, beef, birr, dash, drive, effectiveness, efficacy, efficiency, endurance, enterprise, exertion, fire, force, forcefulness, fortitude, get-up-and-go, go, hardihood, initiative, intensity, […]

Will I ever figure out where I fit in? Always questioning everything? This trip I opted to go military hop… seat available… bought a ticket to Seattle from Atlanta and camped at the fabulous USO clubs. Saves over $1,000 if I can get a space available flight all the way… the USO’s are Most Excellent… […]

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I have often been asked… “Did Jesus really live?” “Was He really raised from the dead?” “How is that different than other religions?” “Isn’t the Jesus story just a bunch of myths written down by stupid people?” “What is the truth about how to get to Heaven?” “There are no copies of the New Testament.” […]

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God’s world everywhere shows unmistakable evidence of design: The cosmos appears to be “fine-tuned”: dozens of parameters seem to have been taken into account and most of the variables adjusted with nearly infinitesimal accuracy to produce a life-sustaining universe that could give rise to science itself. For example, if someone tweaked the gravitational constant, or […]

A future with a space cowboy atmosphere, Indiana Jones treasure hunting and sci-fi galore. I just love all things Firefly… You have got to catch this wonderful series on netflix, hulu or your favorite torrent… copyright by respective owner. “Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand. I don’t care I’m […]

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Need to write something? Need to be creative on paper? Twenty-five reasons to continue writing. Be proud! You have something to say and these writing blogs will help you along. Let’s highlight some of the best writing blogs on the web. I love to visit blogs that have inspiration, encouragement and motivation. copyright by respective […]

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