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How do you describe the most visually stunning online interactive game that has the weirdest game play you ever imagined? You can’t. ¬© 2009 To copyright holder Samorost Machinarium Brought to you by a completely random search by: Blue Tea There is even a Samorost 2!

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Nanyana makes wonderful rock music. We are happy to have her on our web page. Happy Birthday MOM !

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Just for no good reason…and also her birthday is 26 January… ! Yeah, Sade, a true soldier of love…

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I make no statement about the beliefs of these very diverse Christians. Could be you might learn something. No particular order and entered at random. Eternity Matters Bible Study Blog: This blog recounts different Bible verses and stories and also shares tips for reading the Bible. Improved Scripture Study: This blog covers the books of […]

Don’t touch the teddy. Don’t touch the teddy. Don’t touch the teddy. Don’t touch the teddy. Don’t touch the teddy. © 2010 To copyright holder acidcow

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Using patterns of letters to display content is a very particular art. Sneh at gives us a perfect example of how layout, text, and a little creativity can really make a web site stand out. Keep it simple ! inspiried by : Sneh

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more A. W. Pink P ink reserved some of his harshest criticism for those whom he saw as corrupting the gospel message with easy-believism. “The evangelism of the day is not only superficial to the last degree, but it is radically defective.” (Studies on Saving Faith, 1930) Pink clearly foresaw, even in the 1930’s, major […]

Merry Christmas…and a Merry Christmas. Just a little Jingle Bell silliness. I couldn’t resist this find of a special version of Jingle Bells that appears to be from the Nickelodeon channel?? jinglebells.mp4

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This awesome website will definitely get you ready for the Christmas Spirit. And if you don’t want videos try: music only

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