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Fantastic collection of Merry Christmas wallpapers for your desktop. We just couldn’t resist passing this one on to you. Hopefully, one of these artful displays of the Christmas Spirit will put you in the mood. Hey! It is only a few days until Christmas day ! Enjoy! And blessings on you and yours. Christmas wallpaper […]

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We just can’t resist a good web crawl into oddity. Makes you wonder what the rest of the world is doing. And the little singer, Cleopatra, is a true jewel…don’t you think?? Ghita lyrics The coat is inside out, There is no sun aboveNothing is going goodSince I think of […]

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Sade does it again. Today marks the release of the single from her upcoming new album “Soldier of Love” . We can’t wait that long, Sade ! © 2009. To copyright holder.

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I have been thinking a lot lately about what it really means, and what it really looks like, to be a follower of Jesus.  Is it going to church?  Is it having a quiet time every day?  Is it praying a certain amount of time each day?  Is it tithing to your church?  Is it […]

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When it comes to internet surfing, finding the right news is crucial. Don’t just take one side of the story. Find another source and explore opposing viewpoints. You will be rewarded in your brain. the guardian the daily mail the sun world newspapers news of the world © 2009. To copyright holder.

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Hundreds of damaging emails from scientists who are falsifying Global Warming data: whats up with about the alleged emails and what the scientists said. Even Australia’s Blogs Crikey picked up on the story. Rebuttal from Real saying that the suspect emails and data are just a diversion from “Global Warming” naysayers seeking […]

Curious about the price of rice in China? Got a question of what Bangkok is up to? Looking for the perfect mail order bride? Click, click, click…  Asian News Net  Asia News Update  Bangladesh  Bhutan  Brunei  China Daily  The China Post  Japan  India  Indonesia  Lao  Malaysia  Sinchew  Nepal  Pakistan  Philippines  Singapore  South Korea  Sri Lanka […]

For no particular reason this list is served up from the Twilight Zone of internet surfing. It is a lot of fun getting lost for an hour. And this ugly little tidbid is for Technorati:GT77WFYFZGMY. © 2009. To copyright holder. 0lll⇔ 2 or 3 things I know⇔aalog⇔ actar⇔ adam curtis⇔ agence eureka⇔ aggregat 4/5/6⇔alice the […]

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Here is a complete online novel…absolutely free. And about 1,000 others. Never buy a book again…Web Fiction Guide Also, Paperback Swap . com is a wonderful place for a free read. Just post a few books you don’t want, mail a paperback to someone who requests it from your list (about $2.50 postage, which you […]

Must we literally sell everything and take an oath of poverty in order to be saved? No. Nor do parables (Matt. 13:44-50) teach that sinners must rid themselves of their sins before coming to Christ. They do mean that saving faith retains no privileges and makes no demands. It safeguards no cherished sins, treasures no […]

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