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Comment on 100 blogs in one day
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What is this blogging bookshelf?

This idea is from Tristan Higbee who decided to comment on 100 blogs in one day. Took him about hours and hours. Now this is an idea worthy of a blog comment!

This list is a very simple, very rudimentary, very ugly blog directory in the form of lists of blogs. The goal is to help you find high quality blogs to comment on and bloggers to build relationships with. See if you can make friends and post comments. I think Saturday is free…

Walk Off The Earth
Please save the bunny

13 Comments to “Comment on 100 blogs in one day”

  1. ed says:

    I guess one can probably tell, but I am using my blog as a rolling journal of all the interesting things that I come across in my web wandering.

    Now if I only had time to go back and re-read some of this awesome web goodness!

  2. ed says:

    Light (in this case truth) will always chase the darkness. Mind bombs are not as bad as land mines. Mind bombs you do to yourself and have a measure of control about what you choose to do when stray thoughts or feelings swamp you.

    Land mines are those social explosions that you walk into and are totally blindsided by something you should have been watching for. Sort of like walking through luxuriant grass on a warm summer day and accidentally stepping into a pile of Poo. Ick…

    Read more:

  3. ed says:

    Life is an everyday journey towards the Light. If you aren’t learning, you are dying. Being a voracious reader keeps me going and I would rather read than eat… well, except for chocolate.

    I just try to make good choices each day, because what you choose today, lasts forever.

  4. ed says:

    Puppy Shopping ! Now THAT is a worthy afternoon. Who doesn’t love puppies? Cat lovers maybe. Everyone else is a prospective customer.

    Last time someone walked up to me at the local store and had a box full of puppies for free, I almost took the whole box. Can’t resist. Like small children, they are positively irresistible, adorable and just plain cute.

    I always take the “runt” of the litter. They have always made the most wonderful adoring pets…er…members of the family.

    A quick test I learned one time is to take the prospective adopted puppy and turn it over on its back in your hand. If it struggles and struggles, it will be a hard to manage puppy. If it just lays there and does nothing, it will be a real pansy of a puppy. If it struggles just a little with a kick and squirm and then gets still in your hand… you got yourself one cool, happy puppy. Ahhhh…

  5. ed says:

    Words cannot express the awesomeness of this cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That You Used To Know…” This song has been in my head even in my sleep.

    Totally and truly fantastic. Talent and great vocals. Walk Off The Earth has made a major splash. Sara’s vocal sibilants ring in my head every time I think of this song. S P L A S H . . .

  6. ed says: is a very interesting take on Amazon and ebook publishing:

    I totally agree as well. Ebooks and especially Kindle and all the outlets that Amazon offer are truly the next big thing. I still love holding a paper copy of a book. But one has to realize that ebooks and Amazon distribution equal a combination that will reach untold hundreds and hundreds of prospective readers.

    Publishing ebooks is as easy as 1-2-3 and there are a plethora of available means to produce them.

    Now all I have to do is WRITE an ebook. Get started on one yourself and see where the adventure takes you.

  7. ed says:

    Blogging is a labor of love for most people. Making money doing it is a dream come true. Finding the right resources and getting the right mentorship is crucial to achieving that niche success.

    Keep at it. There are mountains of information that will help you get to the point the you are receiving a substantial chunk of change, and still have time to enjoy what you are doing.

    If you aren’t enjoying your blogging, searching the internet for the best sources, allowing yourself time to absorb proper information and just down right being persistent… then you need to get yourself a puppy or start putting together a puzzle.

  8. ed says:

    Typography has become one of my favorite ways to display web pages. The possibilities are endless and the creative process you use along the way becomes just as fun as making web pages themselves.

    One only has to start with the places you have listed to get a wonderful idea of what is possible. Colors, text fonts, large and small letters, newspaper layouts, the list goes on for miles.

    Do a little reading and research and start your Typography layout. You are guaranteed some fun and you might even learn a thing or two.

  9. ed says:

    Walking the streets of Europe. Truly, America’s buildings are babies compared to the wonderful places you can visit in places like Scotland or Germany. I remember being in France in 1978 and driving through villages when I would see a fountain or an interesting park. I would stop my car, get out and walk around. What a sobering feeling to realize that I was walking in the exact same spot that someone else had walked in over 500 years ago. Or more! It just depended on the age of the buildings.

    They never tear things down in Europe like they do in the United States. Even Abraham Lincoln’s cabin is only 200 years old. Wonder what will still be standing in New York or Los Angeles in 300 years?

  10. ed says:

    Not following the lessons learned offered by someone who has “been there done that” is a sure recipe for disaster.

    I learned in the Army that accomplishing the “mission” was only achieved by taking things in small chunks. Realizing the overwhelming task ahead in charging up a hill to face the enemy is a little easier to take if you just go one tree at a time.

    There was always only two rules in getting the job done:

    1. “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” I was told.
    2. “EVERYTHING is small stuff.”

    I always tried not to let all the little “ankle biters” get to me in the course of living day to day. And sometimes, the urge to be overwhelmed was just too much.

    But I can still see my Army Sergeant’s face as he would look at me from the middle of a mud puddle at the firing range… “Don’t sweat the small stuff!”

  11. ed says:

    Well, it took me several hours, and I had lots of coffee in between, but twelve absorbing comments across the internet in so many different fields was definitely a challenge.

    Next time I will make it twenty!

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