The road less traveled — my particular notion of gathered culture, perspective and information — Eclectic meanderings of nonsense and spiritual musings.

What one can dream, one can do. Effort. Gumption. The drive to create comes from our Creator. Even purple horses get their chance. © 2011. To copyright holder.

Categories: Fantasy/Sci-fi

Extraordinary cultures, altered pasts, worlds anew, what if’s? and plain old adventure in space marks the wonderful genre of Science Fiction and Fantasy. I especially love Time Travel… Find a good read here or search for some of my recommend favorites. Even MIT (Massachusetts Institue of Technolgy) believes … You won’t be disappointed I guarantee! […]

Categories: Fantasy/Sci-fi

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABE ! My firstborn… My great son…

Categories: Adventure, Fantasy/Sci-fi

A monster list of all things BLOG Science Fiction. These blogs will take you to places you never even imagined. Go ahead. Explore. Click a few links. Don’t forget to take a coffee break. I especially love Time Travel… Even MIT (Massachusetts Institue of Technolgy) believes … A B C D E F G H

Categories: Adventure, Fantasy/Sci-fi

A Princess of Mars After a few more words with the female, during which she assured him that I was now fully fit to travel, the jed ordered that we mount and ride after the main column. I was strapped securely to as wild and unmanageable a thoat as I had ever seen, and, with […]

        Yeah, we know, escapism is the reason we read for enjoyment. Seems this particular habit started back in ancient Greece with the open air dramas at the ampitheater. Don’t you just love it when the "Deus Ex Machina" shows up. But we digress…(a lover of sci-fi gets lost on tangents all […]

Happy Birthday CONNIE… You have just GOT to go to this website for a visit ! You have to watch a commercial, but, ITS FREE ! how it should have ended. This is absolutely HilAiriOuS ! Guaranteed not to disappoint.

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