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No one wanted to settle the nameless planet covered by seven levels of steaming tropical forest. A human colony ship wound up orbiting it by mistake, giving the stranded passengers no other option except to land and try their best to survive. A few of them had children. Now, several hundred years later, their forest […]

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Now this is a truly GREAT find. Save the science fiction is a project by Singularity & Company. I found several posts relating to the mission of this awesome enterprise (Ha! pun intended, uh, Star Trek, get it?). These entrepreneurial hot shots have one-upped the publishing world with the idea of saving all the Science […]

I just L O V E www.paperbackswap! They just turned eight years old.

While the science fiction genre might not be for everyone, readers who pass on it are missing some excellent literature. Below are 100 science fiction novels that are important works of literature, downright excellent or both. For purposes of classification and simplification, the term “science fiction” is sometimes used quite loosely for some of these […]

In no particular order. You will be rewarded. You will have adventure. You will like Science Fiction and Fantasy. We guarantee it. But, you got to read the right ones! Locus Mag PaperBack Swap Fantastic Fiction Sci-Fi Writers Assoc. Sci-Fi Fan Sci-Fi Channel

Watt Pad The largest online writer’s confab on the web… period. Wattpad is the best place to discover and share stories. On Wattpad you’ll discover a new form of entertainment where you can interact and share stories across text, video, images and through conversations with other readers and writers. Wattpad stories are always available everywhere. […]

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Reading Habits In The Modern World We love reading! Ebooks make it easy to catch up on all those old classics that you haven’t read yet. You can use your computer, a tablet, your cell phone, or your local library. Definitely fun. No time to waste. 30 Benefits of Ebooks 1. Ebooks promote reading. People […]

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Just get lost for the day… or until 3:00am with a page turner. This is a group of Highly Recommended Fantasy novels. You have your own favorites, but this serving might help you to expand your horizons. © 2011. To respective copyright holders. Ship of MagicThe Liveship Traders: Book 1 by Robin Hobb 9.5 Elantris […]

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