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A Few Things about Me

I am and have been many things: web designer, blogger, retiree, ex Army, decorated war veteran (Bronze Star), qualified Jack of All Trades and truly master of none . . .

I hail from a little place in Tennessee called Boones Creek, spend a lot of time in Atlanta, and roam the world like a confused tumbleweed…and currently sponsor 30+ orphans in Cambodia.

I have been an instructor, an Executive Assistant, a paint store clerk, and scads of other things (like cookie stocker and aerobics instructor). I have built tent cities in the desert sand of Jordan, been on TV and radio, Volksmarched in Germany, jogged in Korea, shot guns in Saudi Arabia, flown over the pyramids and around the Statue of Liberty in a helicopter, and traveled the world to more places than I can count…

I lived in Hawaii for almost a year, speak and read several languages ( . . . just enough) and I absolutely love my church home.

You can also find more descriptions of my history under the menu tag “shipwreck.”

My son Gabriel is just like me (poor kid) and my daughter Nanyana, is a rock star . . . mostly. They are grown, have munchkins of their own, and that makes me a Grandfather (sorry Dad).

This blog is my expression platform. Here, I take liberties and give myself permission to just let me be me. I get to find stuff on the internet and share things that interest me and, hopefully, inspire you to start your own digging.

This is one of my passions; blogging, writing, helping, How-To-ing . . . a constantly changing, character filled, quirky, weird journey that is just plain fun. There is even a sprinkling of my favorite movies (Avatar, Matrix, 5th Element . . .) and more than a healthy interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy (time travel and The Warded Man).

Sort of like a puzzle, wrapped in a mystery, trapped in an enigma . . . topped by a conundrum.

I am having way too much fun here. This falls in to place with myhome page, hobbies, family, chocolate (the list is in no particular order, of course) . . . well, most everything of who I am.

And this is where I spend most of my time; a LOT.

Relax, grab some more go-juice (coffee, oh yeah!) and enjoy your visit
as you peek and poke around my blog. Explore, seek, ask questions, and welcome!

Make good choices . . .”

Since your life is made up of everything you choose, I am glad you chose
to spend time here, with me.

Disclaimer: The information found and the views expressed in these pages is not the responsibility of anyone save the author.