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3 questions for fake christians

I offer three questions designed to wake up sleeping Christians. Three hallmarks of a growing relationship with God.

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Is there evidence of God’s presence in your life??

How real has God been this week to your heart?
How clear and vivid is your assurance and certainty of God’s forgiveness and fatherly love. To what degree is that real to you right now?
Are you having any particular seasons of sweet delight in God? Do you really sense his presence in your life? Do you really sense him giving you his love?

Is there evidence of Scripture changing you??

Have you been finding Scripture to be alive and active?
Are you finding certain Biblical promises extremely precious and encouraging? Which ones?
Are you finding God’s calling you or challenging you to something through the word, in what ways?

Is there evidence of a growing appreciation for God’s mercy??

Are you finding God’s grace more glorious and moving now than you have in the past?
Are you conscious of a growing sense of the evil of your heart, and in response, a growing dependence on and grasp of the preciousness of the mercy of God?

Sometimes, I can answer these questions, and the follow-ups on an intellectual basis – my mind is being transformed so that I know the activity of God in my life to be true and real and continual, but there are times when what I know in my head to be true is being overshadowed by my feelings and my heart and my circumstances.

Other times, it is the other way round, and the joy of my spirit leads my mind in celebrating God’s goodness and mercy to me and my brethren. Sometimes, the changes, the evidence, the witness of my spirit is so slight, so gradual, that I could not necessarily confess them on a weekly basis.

I know I am not who I once was, nor am I now who I will ultimately be, and it is on days like those the fundamental change which Jesus wrought in my heart seventeen years ago reminds me of what will be, by His grace, my future, and the future of those who trust in Him, despite our misgivings, doubts, failures and successes. We are each being transformed from one degree of glory to the next and His mercies in our lives are new every morning.

death is nothing at all
Resurrection of Jesus

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