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Cornelius, Saul and the eunuch offer us a complete picture of what it means to have “saving faith” or eternal life.          J. W. McGarvey’s Original Commentary on Acts First, in the cases of the eunuch and Cornelius , there was the visible appearance of an angel; and many converts of modern […]

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        Most people read for pleasure. People tend to read what they like to read. It takes an Act Of Congress just to changes some people’s minds. Here are offered 10 wonderful stories that you have never heard of. I usually do not read a new book unless it is recommended by […]

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          We love Geckos! Or couldn’t ya tell? Jing Jok is a gecko! These humorus little creatures abound in the tropics. We have made numerous friends and kin with these wonderful little lizards in places like Bangkok, Guam, Canary Islands, Hawaii and other lovely places. They are marvelous to watch. Better […]

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